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G2G Women's Bible Study with Children's Program on Wednesday, September 15, 2021 @ 10:00 AM

G3 Children's program that runs concurrently with the G2G Bible Study.
If registering your child for our G3 program, indicate child's name and age below.
Child 1 Name:
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For G3, please list any allergies or health issues we need to be aware of.
This year's G2G curriculum: 
9/15-11/17: When Trouble Comes, Phil Ryken
1/12-3/23: 2 Corinthians, Knowing the Bible Series, J.I. Packer and Dane C. Ortlund
3/30-5/11: The "I AM" Sayings of Christ, R. C. Sproul (not meeting 4/13)
G2G Groups:
If there is a specific friend or past G2G small group you wish to study with, please indicate that below. If you do not have a preference, please leave it blank.
To pay by check and bypass the credit card payment below, please enter the appropriate code into the Promo Code box below and press add.
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Then, fill out your check with the amount owed and write "G2G 2021" in the memo line. 
Mail your check to:
Jean Bronson
Fourth Presbyterian Church
5500 River Road
Bethesda, MD 20816